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In our drive to promote high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values, the IBE carries out research into business ethics issues and practice as well as surveying the public and employees for their views.

Our publications provide thought leadership and practical guidance to those involved in developing and promoting business ethics. 

Our range of publications:
  • Core Series Reports: Provide authoritative guidance on how to embed values into business practice through an effective ethics programme.
  • Good Practice Guides: Offer practical assistance and guidance based on real case studies and examples on how to make ethics policies and programmes effective.
  • Board Briefings: Help directors consider what ethical business entails and why doing business with high ethical standards makes business sense.
  • Reports: Give comprehensive coverage of topical business ethics subjects. Some reports also provide an overview of the business ethics landscape in particular countries.
  • Survey Reports: Our three regular surveys include the annual Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics survey, and triennially, the Ethics at Work survey of employees and the Corporate Ethics Policies and Programmes survey
  • Business Ethics Briefings: Give a succinct overview of topical business ethics issues. Briefings are published regularly throughout the year.


Latest Publications

Surveys on Business Ethics 2018

This Briefing covers a broad range of business ethic topics such as mental health at work and modern slavery.

Ethical Concerns and Lapses 2018

This Briefing covers the IBE’s annual analysis of business ethics news stories from last year.

Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics 2018

This Briefing shows the attitudes of the British public to business behaviour in 2018

Ethics at Work: 2018 survey of employees: France

This Report take a deeper look at data from the IBE’s 2018 European Ethics at Work survey from French employees.

Ethics in the Charity Sector

This Briefing focuses on the impact of scandals on the charity sector and the ethical issues that charities must now address.

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