Codes of Business Ethics: a guide to developing and implementing an effective code

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How do you encourage all staff, all the time, to 'do the right thing'?

In order to promote a culture of integrity within an organisation, guidance to staff is absolutely critical. This normally takes the form of a code of ethics, or similar document, which is applicable wherever the organisation operates and at all levels of the business.

This guide to developing a code - and implementing it - is the third time we have addressed this topic in the IBE's 30 year history. It follows the IBE 9-Step Model to assist companies and organisations of all sizes to do this effectively. It addresses many of the questions that are raised by employees on isuses they come across that are not covered by laws or regulations. Organisations which recognise this need to provide guidance for their staff, usually in the form of a code of business ethics, are following good practice.

This guide is intented to apply to organisations of any size regardless of the sector or location in which they operate.

The companion publication Codes of Business Ethics: examples of good practice will assist those charged with implementing or updating their organisation's code of ethics. (And is included in the purchase price of this publication).