As an educational charity, we make available plenty of free material, and we provide specialist publications and opportunities to learn from experts and peers. But if you require specific, in-depth support, we can work with you to develop practical solutions. Drawing on our Business Ethics Framework, we offer a range of services and tools to meet your needs.

Some of the ways in which we can provide expert guidance and practical support are outlined below. For further information, please click on the links, or contact us to discuss how we might help.

Bespoke reviews and benchmarking

We can review or benchmark any aspect of your programme but here are some specific services we offer.

Codes of ethics

Codes of ethics are fundamental to an effective ethics programme. We recommend that a code is reviewed at least every three years, to keep up with changes in the business environment and developments in good practice. We provide two levels of review service – a basic assessment, drawing on our expertise; or an explicit benchmarking against a selection of other codes, agreed with you. Or, if you’re just starting out, we can help you develop a code to suit your organisation’s needs.

Policy reviews

A good code of ethics will be backed up by more detailed policies. We can help you make sure that relevant policies are in good shape too. Conflicts of Interest or Gifts & Hospitality are just two examples of areas we could help with, but please contact us if you have a particular policy in mind for us to look at.

Your in-house training and development

Drawing on our business ethics expertise and experience as trainers, we can support your own training efforts, for example by reviewing your training portfolio, developing materials or ‘training the trainers’.


Ethics ambassador networks

Many leading companies now use ethics ambassadors to help embed ethical practice across the organisation. If you are looking to establish an ambassador network, we can help you design the scheme and assist in the development of role descriptions and training of ambassadors. Or, if you have had a network for a while, we can help you review its operation. 


Benchmarking surveys

Knowing where your organisation stands in comparison to others is a powerful source of insight and understanding. Using our networks, we can design bespoke benchmarking surveys of different aspects of ethics policies and programmes. Please contact us to discuss your interests.

We can also help you understand what your employees really think about the ethical culture of your organisation. Our Ethics at Work Employee Survey gives you the opportunity to benchmark your organisation against our detailed national and international data (c.10,000 employees in 13 countries).  

Corporate training

We can tailor a package based on our existing portfolio of courses and masterclasses, or we can develop bespoke material for you. Our corporate training for corporate clients is now offered in both traditional face-to-face and online, blended formats.


The IBE has developed toolkits to support Speak Up and anti-bribery & corruption. Both are available in their basic form free of charge, but we can work with you to tailor them to your requirements. In addition, we offer a business ethics toolkit, intended to be particularly useful to small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups and growth companies.