Ethics Ambassador Networks

Different terms – such as ‘liaison’, ‘correspondent’ or ‘champion’ – are used, but the essential characteristic of an ethics ambassador is that they are a colleague designated to support ethics ‘on the ground’ in a geographical location distant from the central ethics function, generally receiving a time allowance to undertake the role alongside their day job.

Being locally based and knowledgeable about the cultural context, they extend the reach of the central ethics function and help to ensure that its initiatives achieve relevance and impact in different parts of the organisation. The role can include various tasks, including the facilitation of training, hosting ethics discussions, acting as a Speak Up contact, and being an accessible source of advice on the code of ethics and relevant policies. Ethics ambassadors can also be a valuable source of insights to the central team, helping them to understand what is working well and what is proving more challenging ‘out there’.

Getting started

If you are looking to establish a new ambassador network, we can help you design the scheme and assist in the development of documentation and role descriptions, and in the training of the ambassadors themselves. 

Reviewing your scheme

On the other hand, if you currently operate an ambassador network, we can help you review its effectiveness. As well as bringing our own perspective on ambassador schemes, we can act as an independent third party with which your ambassadors and other employees can share their candid opinions of how well your network is working and how it might be improved.

If you are interested in discussing how we might help, please contact us