At its heart, all our practically focused training seeks to achieve a balance of three types of outcome:

  • Provide knowledge
  • Develop understanding
  • Encourage application

We will work with you to devise a programme of training tailored to your participants’ needs and the specific outcomes you desire. 

Our portfolio of courses and masterclasses indicates some of the topics and issues we are able to cover, but we can also develop bespoke materials to suit your particular requirements.

We have traditionally offered corporate training face-to-face, whether at our London base or in an alternative location to suit clients’ needs. More recently, we have successfully transitioned to an online, blended format – which comprises our own videos, web-based activity and live sessions – so you now have even more choice about how to access our training. Whichever format is chosen, our trainers ensure that there is plenty of interactivity between them and participants, and they also encourage participants to share their insights amongst themselves and learn from each other in a supportive atmosphere.

To discuss your training needs and how we might help, please contact contact us

We can also draw on our experience of delivering our own business ethics training and reviewing others’ training programmes to support your own in-house training and development efforts, for example by reviewing your training portfolio, developing materials or ‘training the trainers’.