We offer regular training courses that explore what business ethics is about. We also hold workshops exploring good practice in corporate ethics programmes.


What can you learn?

  • Why business ethics is important for a successful business
  • The ethical challenges faced by organisations
  • How ethical values can be embedded into business practice
  • Good practice for corporate ethics programmes

Participants are encouraged to share their views and learn from each other’s experiences in a friendly atmosphere.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in business ethics issues and how organisations put ethical commitments into practice
  • Ethics practitioners wanting to update their understanding or those new to the role
  • Those with responsibility for producing and implementing an ethics policy
  • Senior managers requiring an understanding of how to strengthen their organisation’s ethical culture
  • Those working in human resources, communications, internal audit or other functions looking to strengthen ethical aspects of their work

Our courses

  • Understanding Business Ethics: A one day course exploring what business ethics means, why it is important and how it is made to work in organisations
  • Workshops: Half-day deep dives into the different elements of the IBE's business ethics framework

Understanding Business Ethics

Understanding Business Ethics

This one day training course, facilitated by the IBE covers a breadth of topics, essential for those thinking practically about business ethics.

Embedding Business Ethics

Embedding Business Ethics

This one day course explains the framework that the IBE has developed to help organisations implement an effective ethics programme.

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