What is the ethical issue?

‘Doing business ethically’ by definition means respecting human rights. Many organisations go further and seek to uphold a ‘positive duty’ in their operations, by taking steps to promote and fulfil human rights in the communities in which they operate.

Globalisation and the growing presence of multinational corporations, means there is an increasing risk to businesses of violating national and international legislation. Organisations at particular risk include international operations with complex supply chains, sectors which extract natural resources and those operating in difficult markets, such as countries with poorly developed infrastructure or political and social unrest. 

Despite being enshrined in international law, it is widely acknowledged that more work is needed to guarantee the respect of human rights worldwide. Reports of alleged and actual human rights abuses, human trafficking, unsafe working conditions and damage to local communities by business operations continues to be reported in the global media.

Business has a role to play in advancing human rights, by insisting on higher standards than those required by local laws and by offering access to decent, safe work and reliable income. Organisations can exercise the choice to promote higher living standards and quality of life. As a bare minimum, organisations should avoid exploiting workers or depriving communities of their rights.


IBE Guidance

A summary of good practice

An explicit human rights policy statement and framework outlines a commitment from the organisation to combat human rights violations. Incorporating these into a broader code of ethics demonstrates how the two are interlinked and their importance to operations.

Organisations can also safeguard against human rights abuses by:

  • Training employees to help build awareness of issues, as well as embed pro-human right practices into decision-making and corporate behaviours.
  • Collaborating with others on this, for example by joining the UN Global Compact.
  • Assessing human rights impacts will also aid companies in knowing where potential human rights abuses may occur.
  • Examining operations, engaging stakeholders and integrating considerations of due diligence into supplier and third party relationships is key in identifying potential risks.


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