Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics: 2018

Publication type: Survey
13 December 2018

Tags: Pay, Tax, Human rights, Data privacy

The 2018 results of the IBE's annual survey of the attitudes of the British public to business ethics


  • Do the public think business behaves ethically or unethically?

For 15 years the Institute of Business Ethics has asked the British public about its view on how ethical British Business is.

This briefing shows the British public's attitudes have changed over the past 15 years.

Key findings

  • Public trust in business is at its highest since the survey began in 2003, with millennials showing the most positive change in opinion
  • The top two issues that the public think business needs to address are tax avoidance (33%) and executive pay (24%) - this remains unchanged from 2017
  • Environmental responsibilty is back to a top issue of concern after seven years, and is now joint second (24%)