Code Development and Reviews

Developing a new code

Whether you are developing a code of ethics for the first time or starting again from scratch, we can help. We believe that a code should authentically reflect the purpose and values of an organisation and be owned by those who will use it, so we won’t simply write a code for you. We encourage organisations to think through the issues they face in order to develop an authentic, relevant code. To help you do so, we will advise you on the approach that will suit you and your employees, and we will provide guidance on design and content, backed up with examples of good practice throughout. We can also help with drafting particular sections, provide input on your drafts as they develop, and advise on the implementation and communication of the code.

Please contact us to discuss what might work for you. We also run a masterclass, Designing Effective Codes of Ethics, which is ideal preparation before you get started.

Code reviews

A code of ethics should be kept up to date. We recommend that a code is reviewed at least every three years, to keep up with changes in the business environment, developments in good practice and the evolution of your own organisation’s operations – not to mention the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 

We provide two levels of service:

  • a basic review, which draws on the IBE’s expert understanding of international good practice and our extensive body of research on codes
  • a more extensive benchmark review, which includes systematic analysis against a selection of other organisations’ codes. We will work with you to select the benchmarking group.

In each case, we provide a detailed report that highlights the strengths of your code and suggests practical changes to address any gaps in content or other areas for improvement, together with an analysis that explains the basis for our conclusions. In the case of a benchmark review, we also include a traffic light analysis of key elements of your code and the benchmark codes, to provide an at-a-glance overview.

For an initial discussion of what sort of review might suit your organisation, please contact us.