Speak Up

Our aim is to create a just, open culture where everyone feels able and comfortable to use their voice and speak up on any matter. This could include when we think things could be done better as well as when we have concerns or issues about decisions, behaviours or practices that are not aligned with our values.

We appreciate that speaking up can be difficult, especially in a small organisation like ours. We, therefore, encourage speaking up in whatever way you are comfortable with. What we don’t want is for anyone to suffer in silence. This could mean:

  1. Speaking Up directly and in the moment, remembering to do this sensitively, respectfully and in a way that is constructive.
  2. Speaking with a trusted colleague, remembering to be constructive and not just gossiping.
  3. Speaking with your line manager, other senior colleague and/or the Director.
  4. Speaking with the Chair – or Deputy Chair, to allow for circumstances where a team member cannot raise the issue with the Chair.

To support Speaking Up we also encourage the use of our Speak Up Toolkit which provides guidance on over 100 Speak Up FAQs and is designed to demystify Speak Up.

How to use the IBE Speak Up Toolkit 

The toolkit can be used online at: speakuptoolkit.net

Or download the app for Apple or Android mobile devices.

All Speak Ups will be treated confidentially and communicated only on a need-to-know basis. We are committed to listening to and following up appropriately on all Speak Ups raised. Speak Ups can be raised without fear of reprisal or personal detriment. Action will be taken against anyone who demonstrates any form of retaliation against those who Speak Up.

If none of these options are possible for you, you can contact Protect’s confidential advice line – online or call 020 3117 2520.

Speak Up or grievance?

Speak Up relates to something you see in the organisation that you think is or might be wrong, and a grievance is where you feel that you have been treated unfairly or inappropriately.

Most grievances are best resolved informally in discussion with your immediate line manager. Where the grievance cannot be resolved informally it should be raised with the Operations Manager, in line with the procedure explained in the employee handbook.

However, don’t worry too much about whether an issue is a Speak Up or a grievance, what’s important is that it is raised and addressed appropriately. Once an issue is raised, you will be kept fully informed throughout the process, including the outcome and any action taken.