Our Commitments

We are serious about practising what we preach and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. In this section of Our Code, we provide an outline of our commitments and information about where additional support can be found. If you are unsure about any situation you find yourself in, please Speak Up.

We seek to work only with external organisations that demonstrate similar commitments to those in this Code. When entering into commercial relationships with other organisations (e.g. Suppliers) we will encourage them to abide by these, or comparable, commitments.

Respect for all

Respect for all is at the heart of our values and commitments and is how we create a culture where we can thrive.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our commitment: We promote diversity and inclusion and seek to eliminate discrimination in all forms.
This means: Encouraging and supporting an inclusive culture, based on equal opportunity, respecting diversity of thought and perspectives offered by others, and treating others as they would want to be treated.
Additional support: Refer to the Equality and Diversity policy.

Anti-bullying and harassment

Our commitment: We create a work environment free of all forms of bullying and harassment.
This means:  Not engaging in actions, whether in word or deed, which can reasonably be considered as offensive, intimidating or discriminatory.
Additional support: Refer to the Equality and Diversity policy.

Human rights

Our commitment: We treat everyone with respect and dignity.
This means: Creating a culture of inclusion, offering fair remuneration to all staff, and providing good and safe working conditions.
Additional support: Refer to Institute of Human Rights and Business or Business & Human Right Resource Centre.

Fair and flexible employment practices

Our commitment: We recruit, promote and reward on the basis of merit alone and support colleagues to achieve a healthy work-home balance.
This means: Having a fair remuneration policy; recruiting, promoting and rewarding on merit alone; and giving due consideration to requests for flexible working.
Additional support: Refer to the Remuneration policy, TOIL policy, WFH guidance and the Employee Handbook.

Business integrity

The integrity and independence of our business decision-making is of utmost importance to us.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Our commitment: We conduct our business in a way that is free from all forms of corruption, including bribery.
This means: Not offering or accepting payments, incentives or inducements which may or might appear to, compromise personal judgments and/or create improper obligations.
Additional support: is available via the Head of Operations and Finance.

Gifts and hospitality

Our commitment: We are transparent in our use and acceptance of gifts and hospitality, which are only used sparingly as part of existing business relationships.
This means: Disclosing and declaring all offers of gifts and hospitality, both incoming and outgoing, in accordance with our Gifts and Hospitality policy.
Additional support: Refer to the Gifts and Hospitality policy.

Conflicts of interest

Our commitment: We are proactive in managing the risks of conflicts of interest, whether actual or perceived.
This means: Disclosing relevant personal and professional interests, such as personal contacts applying for jobs with or offering services to the IBE, roles with other organisations – whether paid or voluntary, or significant share ownership in companies working with the IBE, and removing ourselves from decision making processes where appropriate.

The Board of Trustees leads by example by completing individual annual declarations of interest which staff can read.
Additional support: Refer to the Conflict of Interest policy.

Health, safety and environment 

We are committed to healthy and safe working environments and to being socially responsible in all that we do.

Health and safety

Our commitment: We have a duty of care to our colleagues and take responsibility for the health and safety of those visiting our offices.
This means: We all take responsibility for health and safety matters and create and maintain a safe and healthy place of work. We conduct appropriate health and safety risk assessments and provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision.
Additional support: Refer to the Health and Safety policy.

Mental health and wellbeing

Our commitment: We look after the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues.
This means: Providing information and support to allow informed choices about health-promoting behaviour and activities; supporting flexible working to manage pressures and stresses that we may be facing – whether in the workplace or in our personal lives.
Additional support: is available via the Head of Operations and Finance.

Environmental sustainability

Our commitment: We strive to have a positive impact on the environment.
This means: Applying green thinking to every action and decision and developing and implementing effective green practices and procedures as a rule, not an exception.
Additional support: Refer to the Environmental policy.

Professional practices  

Delivering our activities and services to the highest professional standards and with integrity are extremely important for us and for our reputation. 

Confidential information

Our commitment: We hold information that we are privy to and that is not in the public domain in trust and confidence.
This means: Respecting the Chatham House Rule, where appropriate, and respecting and maintaining the confidentiality of the information we possess, only sharing on a need-to-know basis.
Additional support: Refer to the Confidential Information policy.

Personal data protection

Our commitment: We only use personal data for acceptable purposes, and with consent, and we store all personal data securely.
This means: Obtaining consent for the use of personal data and following policies and procedures to ensure personal data of colleagues and those we work with is protected.
Additional support: Refer to the Data Protection policy.

External communication

Our commitment: We communicate in a way that is consistent with our values and objectives, including on social media.
This means: Not naming and shaming; seeking approval of comments where necessary; and not presenting personal views as a stated IBE position on an issue.
Additional support: Refer to the Electronic Media, Internet and Email policy.

Use of IBE assets

Our commitment: We use all IBE assets, both physical and intellectual, for their intended purpose, and treat them with care.
This means: Using and storing technology and equipment appropriately and professionally; respecting and protecting IBE intellectual property.
Additional support: Refer to the System Security policy.