About Our Values and Commitments

Our code helps us to do what’s right. It is our core guiding document and sets out the standards that apply universally to all colleagues, regardless of role or employment status. All IBE staff are expected to read, understand, and live this Code. As part of our mission to disseminate the highest standards of business ethics, we seek to work only with external organisations that demonstrate similar commitments to those in this Code.

The Code is not a rulebook and should be read alongside our policies and employee handbook. It helps us to do what’s right and to put our values of being Respectful, Collaborative, Trustworthy, Entrepreneurial, Customer Focused and Courageous into practice. It cannot cover every situation we may be faced with, so a decision-making model is provided to help us think through tough choices and dilemmas. It also provides information and encouragement to Speak Up if we are unsure.

We take our values and our ethical standards extremely seriously and failure to live up to these standards may result in appropriate disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

Responsibilities for managers and leaders

We understand the importance of the impact managers and leaders have on the actions of others. So, our managers and leaders are expected to live up to some additional responsibilities.

Our managers and leaders:

  • are positive role models for our purpose, values and standards
  • create respectful and inclusive working environments with their teams and with others
  • encourage speak up, listen well and follow up on points raised accordingly
  • make sure that we have a just culture and no one experiences any form of retaliation for speaking up
  • help colleagues understand the commitments of Our Code.

Doing what’s right

Doing what’s right means living up to the highest ethical standards. Our purpose and values are what guide us. Together they are our expression of what it means to work for and with the IBE. They are what we aspire to demonstrate in all relationships – within the team and with all our stakeholders.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to champion the highest standards of ethical behaviour in business.

Our values

We are:

  • Respectful – we respect the diversity of thought and perspectives offered by others. We are inclusive and treat others as they would want to be treated (consistent with ethical values).
  • Collaborative – we work as one team, empowering and supporting each other to achieve high quality results. 
  • Trustworthy – we act with integrity, building strong relationships based on openness and honesty.
  • Courageous – we stand up for what’s right, take managed risks and learn from experience when things go wrong.
  • Entrepreneurial – we are dynamic and innovative, seeking to achieve high performance, impact and growth to further the IBE’s purpose.
  • Customer Focused – we treat our customers as partners and look to create powerful relationships based on professionalism, relevance and subject-matter expertise.