The IBE Speak Up Toolkit helps employees prepare for raising a concern at work. It answers questions about the entire process – from noticing a problem and having a conversation through to what to expect if you call a Speak Up helpline or if your concern is investigated.

It has been developed using first-hand experience and understanding of the emotional journey of raising a concern, coupled with the IBE’s knowledge of what constitutes good practice for the organisations receiving those concerns.

It is a Q&A resource which offers guidance on how to take effective action to resolve concerns. It also points towards additional resources which provide further support.

Some of the common worries addressed by the toolkit include:

  • How will I describe my concern?
  • Will I be seen as a tell-tale or trouble-maker?
  • If I report someone, will my organisation inform them?
  • What are the steps of an investigation process?
  • I still have to work with the person I raised concerns about. How can I manage this?

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