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Is your business ethical - and do your stakeholders think so?

Listen in as Survey Director, Christopher Cowton shares his thoughts on our latest survey, IBE Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics 2022.

Publication type: Survey

Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics 2022

Businesses and UK politicians must do better at demonstrating their ethical credentials if they are to win back the confidence of the British public - the 2022 results of the IBE's annual survey of the attitudes of the British public to business ethics.


The Power of Trust

View our latest webinar recording.


Organisational Culture: to manage what you can’t measure, measure what helps you manage

Read our latest guest blog by Alison Cottrell, Chief Executive of the Financial Services Culture Board.


Innovating Business Ethics: Lessons from refreshing a Code of Conduct

In the next blog of the Innovating Business Ethics series, Robert Smith, Director, Business Compliance and Ethics at Serco Group plc, shares Serco's mycode experience.


Measuring Ethical Culture recording

View our webinar recording.


Ethical Culture: critical foundation for sustainable business recording

View our webinar recording.


Diversity is only the ethical thing to do if you hire people for what they can bring not who they are

If diversity really is the Right Thing To Do, then why aren’t companies making more actual progress?


The New Abnormal podcast with Dr Ian Peters

IBE Director, Dr Ian Peters joined Sean Pillot de Chenecey to discuss 'Having an ethical compass, and applying business ethics'.


Ethics – crucial building block for sustainable business

In our latest blog Prof David Grayson CBE, co-author of the Sustainable Business Handbook and Chair of the Trustees at the IBE, reflects on the importance of creating and maintaining a sustainable culture.


Russia and Ukraine: where is the ethical corporate response?

Dr Ian Peters, IBE Director, discusses the corporate response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Publication: Discussion Paper

Ethics: the missing E in ESG investing?

This discussion paper explores the challenges facing the investment industry and makes recommendations for both asset managers and companies.


Ethics - the missing 'E' in ESG investing? recording

View our webinar recording.

Publication type: Other

Recent Surveys on Business Ethics

Read the IBE's summary of the latest surveys on business ethics.

Publication type: Business ethics briefing

Business Ethics in the News 2021

This resource presents an overview of the ethical concerns and lapses, as well as the positive business ethics stories, that the IBE recorded for its media monitoring exercise in 2021. It provides an analysis of the year’s trends and the issues and sectors that featured most frequently.

Publication type: Survey

Attitudes of the British Public to Business Ethics 2021

Britain’s businesses could behave better - the 2021 results of the IBE's annual survey of the attitudes of the British public to business ethics.


GE Whiz

In our first blog of 2022 Mark Chambers, our Associate Director (Governance), reflects on his time at GE.


Employees’ voices: a glass half full

The results of our latest Ethics at Work survey bring us some good news, but also some red flags that cannot be ignored as organisations shape their ethical agenda for the future.


Putting ethical values at the heart of audit firm culture

This essay, written by Prof. Chris Cowton and Dr Ian Peters, was recently published by the Financial Reporting Council in its Collection of Perspectives. It's focused on audit firm culture, but many of the points are relevant to any organisation. And it might provide food for thought as you engage with your own auditors.

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