IBE Webinar recording: Profit with purpose - who cares?

01 December 2023

Tags: Corporate governance, Ethical Values

Catch up with the recording of the webinar on 30 November 2023 co-hosted by IBE / Thinks Insight & Strategy

IBE and Thinks Insight & Strategy presented public opinion from four global markets exploring their appetite for ethical business practice.

The audience had the opportunity to understand more about the profit and purpose conundrum across international markets: what matters, who does it matter to and how can you do it well?

With contributions including original data and insights from both the IBE and Thinks, the webinar investigated the appetite for more ethical business practices, how this impacts people’s attitudes and behaviours and how businesses can better communicate about it with consumers and employees.

The session looked at:

  • Factors shaping public opinion on a company’s ethics.
  • Which brands meet ethical business expectations and which fall short?
  • Striking similarities as well as key differences between members of the public in four different nations (UK, US, Germany and India).
  • What this means for businesses and company culture.
Catch up with the webinar recording now

Please note that participants' views do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute of Business Ethics