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New guidance for companies to develop effective codes of ethics from the Institute of Business Ethics

08 December 2016
The IBE today publishes new guidance on how to develop and implement an effective code of ethics. It is the third time in its 30 year history that the IBE has addressed this topic, reflecting the ever evolving nature of the challenge facing companies: how do you encourage all staff, all the time, to ‘do the right thing’? 

New Survey: What do the British public think of business behaviour?

01 December 2016
The British public’s opinion of business behaviour has fallen dramatically, according to the latest survey conducted for the Institute of Business Ethics.

Governance reforms still do not address fairness in pay, says Institute of Business Ethics

29 November 2016

IBE's Peter Montagnon gives evidence to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee

15 November 2016
On Tuesday 15 November, Peter Montagnon, IBE Associate Director, gave evidence to the BEIS Parliamentary Select Committee on Corporate Governance following the IBE submission to their recent consultation - see this along with the transcript and recording of the evidence session below.

IBE calls for curbs on bonuses as part of wide-ranging executive remuneration and corporate governance reforms

02 November 2016
  • Chief executives should not be eligible for bonuses or pay increases when their company has a pensions deficit and  there is no agreement in place with the Pensions Regulator on how to resolve it
  • Where Chief Executives receive a bonus above an agreed proportion of salary, the same bonus should be paid pro rata to all employees in the company. 

Institute of Business Ethics launches Ethics Month

01 November 2016

The IBE celebrates 30 years of promoting high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values this year.
With the help of IBE corporate subscribers, every day in November we will highlight a different aspect of values-led business practice. 

Institute of Business Ethics celebrates 30th Anniversary with publication which looks at how trust in business can be regained.

27 October 2016
The IBE publishes today a survey showing that companies are perceived by the public as only interested in profits and neglect their broader obligation to deliver value. This is seen as a key reason why business has failed to restore trust.

The financial crisis, corporate scandals and levels of public distrust have lowered the standing of business. It is no longer acceptable to say business is simply about generating profits for shareholders. Business needs to show how it contributes to social well-being wherever it operates.

If business is to regain public trust, the IBE report suggests, a new approach to business leadership is needed which is based on consensus building, the ability to embed values and connect business to society.

New Briefing: Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Ethics Function

20 October 2016
How to support employees in living up to the organisation’s ethical values in their day-to-day business activity remains the key challenge for business. An ethics function holds a vital role in making sure that ethics is part of all business operations and that the core values are embedded and reflected in the organisation’s culture.

Winners of IBE Student Essay Competition in Business Ethics 2016

13 October 2016

The two winning essays of this year’s IBE Student Essay Competition in Business Ethics focus on the diverse subjects of corruption in the supply chain and the NHS.

IBE Appoints Head of Advisory Services

03 October 2016
Rozlyn Spinks, formerly Ethics Manager at Deloitte joins the Institute of Business Ethics as Head of Advisory Services.

Business Ethics and Sport Governance: new IBE Briefing

21 September 2016
Sport is increasingly big business that involves billions of dollars and the question of ethics and governance has never been so vital.  
 A new IBE Briefing looks at the role of sporting governing bodies in embedding the sport's core values, both at national and international level.  It also analyses how appropriate governance structures can enable them to protect the integrity of sport. 

Companies must engage fully with the society which gives them their licence to operate, but their first task is to work out what their values are so they have something to communicate, new IBE report says

18 July 2016
The IBE today publishes:  Stakeholder engagement: values, business culture and society,  a report commissioned by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) as part of its Culture Coalition project. 

The report contains a series of case studies detailing how companies such as TalkTalk, Unilever, BAE Systems and L’Oreal have brought ethical values to bear in dealing with stakeholders, as well as an interview with Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary.

New IBE Briefing: Business Ethics and Big Data

07 June 2016
Big Data is one of the biggest topics in current business discussion, bringing with it risks and opportunities.

IBE comment on the Interim report of the Investment Association into Executive Remuneration

02 June 2016
The IBE strongly welcomes the initiative of the Investment Association in opening up the discussion on executive remuneration. Our annual surveys of trust in business show that the level and structure of executive remuneration consistently figures among the top concerns of the public. 

IBE welcomes new Advisory Council members

18 May 2016
The IBE is honoured to announce that the following people have agreed to join its Advisory Council:

New IBE Survey of board level sustainability and ethics committees

09 March 2016
Boards increasingly take a systematic approach to ethics and values

A new report details potential signs of poor corporate culture

07 March 2016
High levels of corporate stress, flawed remuneration policies, complex legal structures, a tendency for takeovers to proliferate, and lax financial discipline are all potential signs of a poor corporate culture, according to a report issued today by the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), ICSA: The Governance Institute, and the Institute of Business Ethics.

New IBE Briefing: Surveys on Business Ethics 2015

25 February 2016
Every year, the IBE publishes a summary of useful surveys which have been published the previous year on a business ethics theme.

Fair or Unfair? getting to grips with executive pay

10 February 2016
The IBE today publishes a Board Briefing aimed at helping remuneration committees identify and address challenges in awarding executive pay. Current approaches are too complicated, and the outcomes too uncertain, the report says. The decisions facing remuneration committees are often very difficult. Most try hard to do the right thing, but executive pay needs to work better or be reformed, the Briefing says.  

Fair or Unfair? Getting to grips with executive pay offers both practical advice on how remuneration committees can address the challenge and some pointers to possible reform centred around the need to be clear about the value of what is being awarded and the pace at which remuneration is earned. 

Concerns and Ethical Lapses from 2015

26 January 2016
Every year the IBE analyses of  the business ethics news stories recorded by our media monitoring – which were the sectors and issues most in the news in 2015? 

Thirty Years of Business Ethics

04 January 2016
2016 sees the Institute of Business Ethics celebrate its 30th Anniversary

This year the IBE celebrates 30 years of promoting high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values.

Attitudes of the British public to business behaviour: 2015 survey

10 December 2015
Latest survey from the Institute of Business Ethics 

Tax avoidance remains the top issue the British public thinks business needs to address.

"Public trust in business is flat-lining,” says Philippa Foster Back CBE

Institution of Civil Engineers launch Say No Toolkit to help members through ethics challenges

02 December 2015
"We want to enable our members do the right thing, and we wanted to develop something quick and practical" – Nathan Baker, ICE

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has launched a free toolkit to help civil engineers who are facing difficult ethical situations in the work place.
Developed in collaboration with the Institute of Business Ethics, ICE’s Say No Toolkit is available as both a web tool and an App. 

The HBOS Report is a reminder that corporate whistleblowing is not working

19 November 2015
 "The HBOS Report shows that there is significant weakness in company whistleblowing arrangements which leave them vulnerable.  Boards need to listen to, act upon, and report back on relevant concerns raised by their employees,”   said the Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, Philippa Foster Back CBE.

Corporate whistleblowing arrangements are not working effectively, IBE survey shows

11 November 2015
Roughly half of employees aware of misconduct do not ‘speak up’ about their concerns, evidence from the IBE Ethics at Work survey shows.

Winners announced of the 2015 IBE Student Essay Competition

13 October 2015
The two winning essays of this year’s IBE Student Essay Competition in Business Ethics focus on the diverse subjects of Corporate Social Responsibility and strategy and water poverty in the UK.

IBE invited to participate in the FRC's Culture Coalition

07 October 2015
We are pleased to announce that the IBE has been invited by the Financial Reporting Council to participate in their Culture Coalition. 
The aim is to gather practical insight into corporate culture and the role of boards; to understand how boards can shape, embed and assess culture; and to identify and promote best practice.

Business Ethics and Human Rights: new IBE Briefing

29 September 2015
The concept of human rights is simple: every human being has a right to be treated with dignity, whatever their religion, language, nationality, place of residence, sex, skin colour or any other status.  Yet, the protection and promotion of human rights continue to pose a number of challenges for business.

IBE appoints new trustees

16 September 2015
"Expectations of business have risen. Combined with high profile  corporate scandals, this means that IBE’s practical advice is needed more than ever,” says Bickham

Four new trustees have been appointed to join the Institute of Business Ethics’ Trustee Board led by Chair Edward Bickham.

Checking culture: a new role for internal audit

15 July 2015
"The Internal Audit function is increasingly seen by regulators and directors alike as a means of obtaining ethical assurance; but there are big challenges because culture cannot easily be measured,” says Peter Montagnon

Business Ethics Across the Generations

30 June 2015
Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials – what does business ethics mean to them, and how do you engage them with ethical issues in the workplace? 

Communicating Ethical Values Internally: new IBE Good Practice Guide

15 May 2015
Ethics has an image problem, says a new Guide from the Institute of Business Ethics

"The way organisations communicate how they wish employees to behave can be the most powerful tool in achieving ethical behaviour, ” says Katherine Bradshaw

Response to the Modern Slavery and Supply Chain consultation

07 May 2015
The IBE has made its response to Modern Slavery and Supply Chain consultation.

Fairness in Contracts: new IBE Briefing

30 April 2015
The latest IBE Briefing considers ethical issues related to staffing arrangements and employment contracts. Specifically, it looks at the potential ethical implications of the ‘casualisation’ of the workplace, including zero hours, agency contracts, part-time workers and transfers under TUPE. 

Call for Entries: Student Essay Competition in Business Ethics

19 March 2015
The IBE Student Essay Competition in Business Ethics celebrates the best writing and thinking by undergraduates and postgraduates on business ethics. 

New IBE Briefing: Surveys on Business Ethics 2014

09 March 2015
This Briefing highlights the findings of a number of Global, UK and US surveys on a business ethics theme which were published in 2014

IBE is looking for Trustees

03 March 2015
The IBE is looking to recruit up to three new trustees and would particularly welcome applications from those who hold/have held a senior role in a commercial business. 

Ethical Concerns and Lapses, 2014

02 February 2015
The latest Briefing from the Institute of Business Ethics analyses the major business ethics concerns and ethical lapses from 2014 which were recorded in the IBE’s ‘media monitoring’. In 2014, 478 stories covering 29  different ethical concerns and lapses were reported in the UK media.

IBE Appoints Head of Engagement

26 January 2015
Robert Tate, formerly Principal Consultant, Engagement at Business in the Community, joins the Institute of Business Ethics

Investing in Integrity Chartermark

14 January 2015
 "Trust me” is no longer sufficient; transparent and open approach is required to convince today’s public” says the Lord Mayor 

Parsons Brinckerhoff UK awarded the Investing in Integrity Chartermark

08 December 2014
 Investing in Integrity (IiI) is pleased to announce that Parsons Brinckerhoff UK, the engineering and design firm,  has achieved the Investing in Integrity chartermark as a result of successful completion of the rigorous IiI accreditation process.

Employee Wellbeing: alcohol and office parties - new IBE Briefing

04 December 2014
How can you ensure that your office party is in line with ethical values, without ruining the fun? 

What do the British Public think of business behaviour? Latest survey from the Institute of Business Ethics

27 November 2014
Tax avoidance and executive pay are still firmly on the agenda as issues the British public thinks business needs to address.

Supreme Group Awarded Investing in Integrity Chartermark

06 November 2014
Investing in Integrity (IiI) is pleased to announce that Supreme Group, a global leader in the provision of end to end supply chain solutions, has achieved the Investing in Integrity chartermark as a result of successful completion of the rigorous IiI accreditation process.

Reward employees who uphold company values, as well as ‘making the numbers’, says a new report from the Institute of Business Ethics

04 November 2014
 "Establishing an ethical culture is recognised as key to business success yet identifying ways to influence employee behaviour is a challenge.  A key tool organisations have is their performance management process,” says Ruth Steinholtz 

An ethical approach will help Pension Fund Trustees make the right decisions says a new report from the Institute of Business Ethics

29 October 2014
  "Trustees need to have a clear understanding of where their obligations, both legal and moral, actually lie ,” says Peter Montagnon

Winners announced of IBE Student Essay Competition in Business Ethics 2014

16 October 2014
The two winning essays of the IBE Student Essay Competition in Business Ethics focus on the diverse and topical subjects of the regulation of the banking sector and ‘ban the airbrush’.

Edward Bickham Appointed Chair of Institute of Business Ethics

29 September 2014
"More corporate scandals means that IBE's practical advice is needed more than ever," says Bickham

The IBE is delighted to announce that Edward Bickham has agreed to become Chair of the Trustees of the Institute of Business Ethics. He succeeds Chris Moorhouse, who has served as IBE Chair since 2006.

The Role and Effectiveness of Ethics and Compliance Practitioners

25 September 2014
Is it possible for business behaviour to be changed from within?
How do Ethics and Compliance practitioners work effectively to promote ethical conduct inside their organisations?

Modern Slavery: new IBE Briefing

15 September 2014
A new IBE briefing looks at modern slavery in the context of business and business ethics. It considers the different terms brought together under the umbrella of ‘modern slavery’; the ways in which it is a challenge for organisations, and what companies are doing to minimise their risks in this area.

Carillion plc awarded the Investing in Integrity Charter Mark

07 August 2014
Investing in Integrity (IiI) is proud to announce that Carillion plc has achieved the Investing in Integrity chartermark as a result of successful completion of the rigorous IiI accreditation process.

New Zealand Financial Advisers to receive IBE training

24 July 2014
Financial advisers who undergo business ethics training will be better equipped to make the right decisions in difficult situations.

Boards need to set and maintain company values, says new IBE report

21 July 2014
"Setting the right values and culture is integral to a company’s success and its ability to generate value over the longer term,” says Peter Montagnon

Fairness in the Workplace: Pay

02 July 2014
A new IBE Briefing looks at how fairness can be achieved in the specific areas of executive remuneration and paying a living wage. 

Business Ethics in Corporate Reporting

29 May 2014
New IBE Briefing: Business Ethics in Corporate Reporting

New Report Calls for the Adoption of Global Ethical Standards to International Business

21 May 2014
Trust in business will be increased and poverty reduced, says Simon Webley

IBE welcomes Sir Richard Lambert's Banking Standards Review

19 May 2014
IBE welcomes Sir Richard Lambert’s Banking Standards Review.

The Collaboration between the Ethics Function & HR

30 April 2014
The latest Briefing from the IBE looks at the collaboration between HR & Ethics departments.

New role for Dr Nicole Dando at IBE

28 March 2014

Misleading customers: New IBE Briefing

27 March 2014
A new Briefing from the IBE is published today investigating the ethical issue of misleading customers.

Response to the Banking Standards Review Consultation Paper

03 March 2014
The Institute of Business Ethics has made its response to the Banking Standards Review Consultation Paper  (Sir Richard Lambert Review)

Surveys on Business Ethics, 2013

26 February 2014
This Briefing looks at the findings of selected UK, Global and US surveys on a business ethics theme published in the last year.

IBE welcomes Banking Standards Review

12 February 2014
IBE analysis of business ethics media stories shows reporting on the finance sector contributed almost four out of every ten news items (37%).

New IBE Briefing: Speak Up

29 January 2014
The latest briefing from the IBE reviews current Speak Up practice and regulatory developments in the UK, with brief reference to Europe and the USA. 

Innovative App helps employees combat bribery

21 January 2014
The IBE Say No Toolkit provides employees with immediate assistance.

Professions for Good and Institute for Business Ethics announce winners of ethics writing competition

13 January 2014
Professions for Good, a collaboration of many of the UK’s largest professional bodies, and the Institute for Business Ethics (IBE) today announce the winners of theJoint Professions for Good and Institute for Business Ethics Writing Awards.

Results of IBE Triennial Survey on Corporate Ethics Programmes

11 December 2013
Increased investment in corporate ethics programmes, but lack of training still a cause for concern
Bribery & Corruption tops the list of issues which companies are most concerned about

Supply Chain and Payment Practices

22 November 2013
A new IBE Briefing looks at the issue of unethical payment practices in the supply chain

Professions for Good and the IBE launch joint 2013 awards for best writing on ‘professional ethics’

20 October 2013
Awards launched as part of inaugural Professions Week to encourage more young people into professional careers

New IBE Briefing: Ethical Indices

23 September 2013
Briefing 33: Ethical Indices provides an overview of the plethora of ‘ethical indices’  that have emerged over the last decade.

IBE Appoints Associate Director

01 July 2013
Tim Melville-Ross succeeds Sir Robert Worcester as President of IBE

Does EU Corporate Governance policy need more ethics?

27 June 2013
Latest Occasional Paper from IBE suggests an absence of explicit ethical principles in corporate governance guidance and regulation at the EU level.

Ethical Issues in the Appointment and Use of Agents

12 June 2013
A new IBE Briefing examines good practice around agent selection, remuneration and how best to monitor their conduct so as to avoid integrity risks.

Watch IBE's Director speaking on tax and reputation

28 May 2013

Tim Melville-Ross appointed President of IBE

28 May 2013
Peter Montagnon, Senior Investment Adviser, Financial Reporting Council, joins IBE as Associate Director

Launch of Banknote Ethics Initiative

24 May 2013
Banknote Ethics Initiative launched, assisted by IBE and GoodCorporation

Tax avoidance as an ethical issue for business

18 April 2013

A new IBE Briefing examines tax avoidance as an ethical issues for business

Surveys on Business Ethics, 2012

18 April 2013
A new Briefing from the IBE summarises the findings of selected surveys on business ethics issues carried out in the past twelve months

Personal and legal risks to Ethics Representatives need to be understood

25 January 2013
Evolving Responsibilities and Liabilities of Ethics Representatives: a practical guide prompts corporate Ethics Representatives and their employers, to consider the extent to which their evolving responsibilities are likely to pose any increase in personal and legal liability.

IBE and Institute of Recruiters launch 'Ethics Champion' training initiative

09 January 2013

Inspectorate UK awarded the Investing in Integrity Charter Mark

08 January 2013

IBE Research Director Receives Award

31 December 2012
IBE Research Director selected as a runner-up for the 2013 Times/Sternberg Active Life Award for "working to create high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values”

Majority of workers feel they work for an honest organisation

06 December 2012
IBE Ethics at Work surveys find that majority of employees feel they work for honest organisations

The Ethics of Gifts and Hospitality

27 November 2012
New Briefing considers some of the ethical issues around the giving and accepting of corporate gifts and hospitality and outlines good practice.

Results of Annual Survey into Attitudes of British Public to Business Ethics

15 November 2012
Results of annual survey conducted for the IBE on the attitudes of the British public to business ethics. 

Developing and Using Business Ethics Scenarios

08 November 2012
New IBE research has found that nearly 40% of UK employees do not report receiving any training on standards of ethical conduct. 

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Standards and Frameworks

31 October 2012

New IBE Briefing provides a useful overview of standards and guidelines which have been drawn up to combat bribery and corruption in business, including their implementation requirements.

IBE in the Press

The Wrong Answer

Regulation seems to have achieved little, writer Peter Montagnon in Governance + Compliance

The Only Way is Ethics

Katherine Bradshaw asks - how do you communicate integrity on AllThingsIC blog? 

Taking the Right Route to Restoring Trust

This article in Ethical Performance looks at the Investing in Integrity Chartermark

Modern Slavery: the role of business

Polly Foley outlines how compannies can address slavery in their supply chains

Restoring Trust: the role of the board

Peter Montagnon writes on business ethics and the board for ICSA's blog

Make  your Code of Ethics a living, breathing organism

An interview with Simon Webley, IBE's Research Director

Ethics and the HR department - a happy marriage?

Polly Foley, senior researcher at the IBE, offers advice on how HR and Ethics can work better together to create a culture of ‘doing the right thing’.

Bonuses, mis-selling & laundering money, the sector's woes aren't over

IBE publication reveals financial institutions were the subject of more than a third of all media stories on ethical concerns and lapses writes Jo Confino in the Guardian.

More investment in ethics, but where is it going?

IBE survey shows that investment in corporate ethics programmes has increased, but what are companies spending it on? asks Katherine Bradshaw on Ethical Leadership blog

Bribery & corruption: support employees to do the right thing

Companies should set high standards on corruption and provide the support necessary for their people to follow them writes Harriet Kemp in Ethical Corporation

The cost of corruption is a serious challenge for companies

New tools, technologies and strategies aim to make it easier to embed anti-corruption and bribery policies into businesses writes Harriet Kemp in the Guardian

Mind the ‘say-do gap’

It is all very well having an ethics code but it will be ineffective if managers do not practise what they preach, says Philippa Foster Back in Financial World

Paying Late: an ethical business issue

Philippa Foster Back writes in the Guardian

Ethical Indices: how do you measure ethics?

Daniel Johnson writes in Ethical Corporation Magazine

No one should get a pay packet too complex to value

Peter Montagnon writes in the FT

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