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IBE Webinar recording: Profit with purpose - who cares?

Catch up with the recording of the webinar on 30 November 2023 co-hosted by IBE / Thinks Insight & Strategy


Ethics on the board agenda

Read Prof. David Grayson's blog for Board Intelligence.


Innovating Business Ethics: The UK Law Values Report - Elevating Character Alongside Competence

In the latest Innovating Business Ethics blog, the Oxford Character Project focus on the values in the UK law sector.

Publication type: Good practice guide

Measuring Ethical Culture

This Good Practice Guide is intended to help businesses define and measure ethical culture. Now with exclusive supporter-only case studies.


Innovating Business Ethics: The UK Finance Values Report - The call for a new narrative 

In the latest Innovating Business Ethics blog, the Oxford Character Project focus on the values of the UK finance sector.


Innovating Business Ethics: The UK Values Report - Putting character first 

The Oxford Character Project outline the results of their UK Business Values Survey in this week's Innovating Business Ethics blog.


Bullying: rules and values

Read the latest blog by Prof. Chris Cowton, IBE’s Associate Director.

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The Oxford Character Project - UK Business Values Survey

The Oxford Character Project – in collaboration with the Forward Institute – has launched a report publishing the findings of the UK Business Values Survey 2022. Analysing data from 221 companies, the majority from the FTSE 350, the survey explores what companies mean by their values as well as what those values are. The survey reveals the increasing importance of personal and emotional aspects of organisational life. Empathy, passion, and courage are among the most prominent values in UK businesses but did not feature significantly in earlier reports. At the bottom of the table, curiosity, humility, hope, and gratitude seem to be significantly undervalued.


Why the ethical behaviour of politicians matters to business

IBE Chair, Prof. David Grayson CBE addresses why the ethical behaviour of politicians matters to business, and indeed to rest of us too!


Innovating Business Ethics: Using available data and heat maps to help drive an ethical culture

Jeremy Allan (Head of Programme and Operations, Ethics & Compliance) and Cornelia Baciu (Programmes Manager, Ethics & Compliance) share insights into how Johnson Matthey (JM) has used its E&C data to build a heat map that allows it to zero in on the ethical culture of its sites.


Organisational Culture: to manage what you can’t measure, measure what helps you manage

Read our latest guest blog by Alison Cottrell, Chief Executive of the Financial Services Culture Board.


Innovating Business Ethics: Lessons from refreshing a Code of Conduct

In the next blog of the Innovating Business Ethics series, Robert Smith, Director, Business Compliance and Ethics at Serco Group plc, shares Serco's mycode experience.


Measuring Ethical Culture recording

View our webinar recording.

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