IBE publish a board briefing on the Ethics of Diversity

IBE news
14 April 2021


Our latest board briefing presents a summary of the key conclusions and recommendations of the IBE’s recent report on ethics and the diversity of boards.

The report examines the case for delivering real diversity and inclusion in the boardroom. Our conclusion is stark; too many companies have been approaching the different elements of diversity sequentially, and with a compliance mindset, rather than embracing the opportunity to broaden thinking and blend very different life experiences around the boardroom table. That approach is not sustainable. Pressure is growing for real change and companies that do not get ahead of the curve in addressing all dimensions of diversity may find themselves at a significant disadvantage.

The report makes ten key recommendations to embed genuine diversity of thought and life experience at board level.

The business case for diversity on boards remains compelling. The board is the most important team in the company and sets the tone for the whole organisation. We encourage you to share this briefing throughout your network. 

Please contact Mark Chambers, IBE's Associate Director (Governance) for further information.

Download the briefing here