Businesses must have AI ethics lead – UK business ethics experts

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26 October 2023

Tags: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • New recommendations from the UK’s leading business ethics experts urge companies to appoint an AI lead to ensure ethical use of technology.
  • Companies urged to provide staff training on ethical use of AI.
  • Businesses told to ensure ethical AI use across supply chains.

Chief executives should appoint a dedicated AI leader or committee to ensure companies’ ethical use of new technologies, according to new recommendations from the UK’s leading business ethics experts.

Guidance published today by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) has also urged companies to ensure ongoing reviews of the use of artificial intelligence, training of staff on ethical practice, and ensuring ethical use of AI is embedded across supply chain companies.

The guidance has been issued ahead of the government’s international summit on the future of artificial intelligence at Bletchley Park.

The IBE has warned that companies failing to put provisions in place to ensure the ethical use of AI across the workforce could be at risk of breaching privacy rules or damaging their reputations.

The guidance also includes recommendations for companies to ensure ethical practice when using AI is embedded across the workforce, and the creation of toolkits to support ongoing staff training. 

Dr Ian Peters MBE, Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, said:

“AI can be a powerful tool for business, supporting planning, enabling greater productivity and profitability. But it comes with risks, and companies that fail to put steps in place to ensure they use artificial intelligence ethically will face difficulties in the longer term.

“How AI is and should be used must be a shared responsibility, and companies should be embedding best practice across the workforce. But CEOs should also designate an individual or committee specifically to ensure ethical practice – and those that don’t do so put themselves at risk when it comes to issues like data protection. We would urge every business using AI or thinking about how it can be incorporated into their work to ensure they’ve created the practices necessary to protect privacy and ensure the highest standards of ethical behaviour.”

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