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Publication type: Business ethics briefing

Artificial Intelligence (Al) - the ethical challenge


Business Ethics in the News: Jan - Feb 2023

Reflecting on business ethics stories in the news in January and February 2023


Ethics of using AI in recruitment webinar recording

View our latest webinar recording.


Stakeholder Engagement: values, business culture and society

View the recording of our webinar.


#PandemicAndBeyond - 20:20 Hindsight

In the first blog of the series, Pandemic and Beyond: the ethical issues, Mark Chambers, IBE’s Associate Director (Governance), introduces the series and reflects on the year so far.


Real Intelligence about AI

It’s a familiar human experience that rapid advances in technology outrun our ability to manage them well. New ethical risks take time to recognise, think through and manage, to ensure that these advances contribute consistently to flourishing lives and a better society. We can find ourselves playing moral catch-up. What do right and wrong mean, in an increasingly digital world? asks Professor Chris Cowton.


An ethical approach moves AI from threat to opportunity

One of the biggest challenges facing business at present is how to exploit the opportunities afforded by Artificial Intelligence. There is a big temptation to spend a lot of time worrying about the risks – of cyber-attack or about the reputational damage that can follow if the algorithms make decisions which end up damaging the business.

Publication type: Board briefing

Corporate Ethics in a Digital Age

This Board Briefing suggests questions for those in the boardroom to ask to help address the ethical challenges of AI in their businesses. It uses case studies to highlight the real-world dilemmas which boards are facing.

Publication type: Research report

Artificial Intelligence Framework

Explore the IBE framework of fundamental values and principles for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business - using the acronym A.R.T.I.F.I.C.I.A.L.

Publication type: Business ethics briefing

Business Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Examine the ethical challenges for business in developing artificial technologies