Artificial Intelligence (Al) - the ethical challenge

Publication type: Business ethics briefing
26 October 2023

Tags: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

'Artifical Intelligence' is not a new concept. It has delivered major advances and efficiencies in many areas. The recent introduction of generative Al tools, such as ChatGPT, has moved it up the business agenda and placed it at the centre of public debate. 

Along with opportunities, Al brings significant ethical risks. Risks have been identified across different areas: human rights, safety, fairness, privacy, agency, societal wellbeing and security. Public trust in Al may be undermined if these risks, and wider concerns about the potential for bias and discrimination, are not addressed. 

This new briefing offers practical guidance to organisations beginning to develop and deploy ethical Al tools and systems. It presents a set of principles and good practices for companies to consider, summarises how IBE supporters are currently navigating the ethics of Al, offers an overview of current regulations and compiles a list of useful resources that will help businesses as they advance in their efforts towards ethical Al. 

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