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#PandemicAndBeyond - Speak up and listen up. Ethics at the front line

In a guest blog for the National Guardian's Office, Dr Ian Peters discusses the importance of speaking up, and listening up.


Summer of Speak Up – one year on

Read the blog by Linn Byberg, IBE's Engagement Officer.


"Uncharted" IBE webinar with Margaret Heffernan

View the recording of our webinar.


Culture Shock

Read the blog by William O’Connor, IBE's Research Assistant.


In conversation with… Henri Van Elewyck, Group Senior Vice President Ethics and Responsible Business Conduct of Sodexo

In the penultimate blog of the Embedding Business Ethics series we're in conversation with Henri Van Elewyck, Group Senior Vice President Ethics and Responsible Business Conduct of Sodexo.

Publication type: Survey

Embedding Business Ethics: 2020 report on corporate ethics policies and programmes

This report is the ninth in the triennial series looking at corporate ethics policies and programmes. It is the IBE’s longest-running survey series, and continues to give valuable insights into how companies run their ethics programmes.


Is there anybody there?

Encouraging employees to speak up about the things that concern them at work (“whistleblowing” if we must) is a key task for organisations in their commitment to creating an open and ethical workplace culture. However, creating such a culture is easier said than done.


The authentic organisation

Companies now have an array of tools to help them attract new talent. In a crowded marketplace and faced with increasingly aware and discerning candidates, there are powerful incentives for companies to paint highly flattering impressions of their culture. Projecting authenticity in this space is everything but, as Groucho Marx might have said, "if you can fake that, you’ve got it made”.

Advisory services

Ethics ambassador networks

If you are looking to establish an ambassador network, the IBE can provide support in scoping, assist in the development of job descriptions and training of ambassadors.

Publication type: Good practice guide

Encouraging a Speak Up Culture

This Good Practice Guide looks at practical ways that organisations can encourage a Speak Up culture by establishing a procedure for employees that gives employees the confidence to raise concerns about anything they find unsafe, unethical or unlawful. It examines the investigation process and looks at some ways which organisations can increase confidence in the process.

Publication type: Survey

Corporate Ethics Policies and Programmes: 2016 UK and Continental Europe survey

This triennial survey provides an overview of how ethics is embedded within large organisations that operate in the UK and Continental Europe.

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