What do your employees really think about the culture of your organisation? 

The IBE's Benchmark, based on our triennial Ethics at Work research gives organisations the opportunity to ask their employees what they really think, with responses collated by the IBE, as a neutral party.

The IBE started asking questions for its Ethics at Work Survey of the British workforce in 2005. The IBE has continued to ask similar questions of the public every three years since. The research was last conducted in 2018, when the survey scope was extended to cover 12 countries. The 2018 Survey Report can be downloaded here. The 2021 results will be published soon.

In response to requests from supporters, the IBE is offering the same questionnaire used in its research to organisations for use as a staff survey product for benchmarking.

The data will be analysed by the IBE and a report of key findings will help you understand your corporate culture better. Data will also be benchmarked relative to our country data from our own research, as well as the pool of other organisations who have conducted the survey with their workforces.