The IBE Business Ethics Toolkit: Ethical challenges for SMEs

03 February 2021


In this video, Nick Bion of Robert Bion & Co, discusses the main ethical challenges that small organisations face and how to tackle them.

Integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility, openness – just a few of the ethical values which you may feel are integral to your business and the way that your company operates. But how can you show your commitment to your employees, clients, suppliers and partners and make sure that they share similar values, while reconciling this with a tight budget and limited resources?

Nick Bion, Managing Director of Robert Bion & Co, joined us on the webinar last Thursday (28 January) to discuss these questions from the point of view of a small business. In this video, he discusses the main ethical challenges that a small organisation faces and shares with us some practical suggestions to tackle them.

A recording of the full webinar is available.