Ethics at Work 2018: Canada

Publication type: Survey
26 June 2019

Tags: Speak Up, Ethics Programme issues, Treatment of Employees

This survey report describes the Canadian findings of our 2018 Ethics at Work research and provides comparison with Switzerland and the UK.

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Key findings

  • A quarter of employees (25%) were aware of misconduct during their past year at work, and nearly a third of them also felt pressured to compromise their organisation's ethical standards (30%)
  • Only 56% who were aware of misconduct say that they raised their concerns with managment or another appropriate mechanism
  • Of the 41% of employees who were aware of misconduct and decided not to speak up, the most common reasons were because they did not believe corrective action would be taken (38%), or they thought they would be seen as a trouble maker by management (35%)


This was the first time that the IBE’s Ethics at Work survey has been conducted in Canada. It asked employees how they experience ethics in their day-to-day working lives and their perception of how ethical conduct is supported in the workplace. It asked whether they had been aware of misconduct; whether they reported it; and what if anything stopped them from doing so.

The IBE has surveyed British employees since 2005, but given that organisations are increasingly taking an integrated approach at the international level, we have expanded the number of countries included in the research to cover France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK within Europe, as well as Australia, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand.

This survey report presents the findings of public research undertaken by ComRes on behalf of the IBE and the Stewardship Institute. It describes the Canadian findings and provides comparison with Switzerland and the UK.