Ethics at Work: 2018 Survey of Employees: Europe

Publication type: Survey
05 July 2018

Tags: Speak Up, Ethics Programme issues, Treatment of Employees

Ethics at Work: 2018 survey of employees analyses the results of the survey and examines whether formal ethics programmes are effective in embedding ethical values into organisational culture and influencing behaviour.


Employees’ views are a key indicator of the ethical temperature in today’s organisations.

What do employees think about the ethical business practices of their employer? Are formal ethics programmes effective in embedding ethical values into organisational culture and influencing behaviour? What are the challenges for the organisation and what should be the focus going forward?

The Institute of Business Ethics has conducted a regular survey into employees’ views of ethics at work in Britain since 2005. The survey has since been widened to include France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland in Europe, as well as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore.

This report presents the survey findings from the European countries. It focuses on three key themes. These relate to assessing the ethical culture of an organisation; identifying ethical risks and supporting ethics standards. Two specific issues that have a major impact on the culture of an organisation are also addressed: the ability of employees to voice their ethics-related concerns and the role of line managers in promoting ethics in the workplace

These findings will help to explain the European landscape of business ethics from the perspective of employees in 2018.