E-Learning Tool - Understanding Business Ethics

What is business ethics and why is doing the right thing important?

This short introductory training course is designed to raise awareness of what business ethics is about and to provide an understanding of why ethical standards in the workplace matter. Four interactive modules guide users through realistic challenges such as gifts and hospitality, conflicts of interest and health and safety.
This course will help employees recognise and confidently resolve ethical dilemmas that can arise as part of their day-to-day work.
The training course is designed to support employees at all levels, in organisations of any size and in any sector, to ‘do the right thing’. Optional content is provided for those in managerial roles.
The course is available online in English, French, German and Spanish
Those who have completed the course have commented:
"…clear guidance - very helpful in improving my knowledge of this subject…”
"…effective presentation and relevant to all…”
"…good interactivity - learner does not only have to read, but also think and solve problems…”


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Understanding Business Ethics - dates for 2017: 15 March, 03 May and 05 October 



Designed to help people recognise and confidently resolve ethical dilemmas that can arise as part of their day-to-day work

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Online Course course available in English French, German and Spanish
£15 per user

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