Good Leadership in UK Business - webinar recording

18 December 2023

Tags: Ethics Programme issues

Catch up with the recording of the webinar on 14 December 2023 with Dr Ian Peters and Dr Edward Brooks of the Oxford Character Project

Good leadership that is both effective and ethical is vital for businesses to face the challenges before them and grow into the future. IBE’s Business Ethics Framework and recent Guidance for Board members on developing an ethical business culture seek to provide boards and senior leaders with a structure around which to base ethics policies and programmes, to embed ethics at the centre of operations and strategy. The Oxford Character Project have recently published their research report Good Leadership in UK Business which explores participants’ understanding of good leadership and how that changes in different sectors to give an overall picture of what ‘good’ looks like in UK business.

In this webinar, Dr Ian Peters was joined by Dr Edward Brooks of The Oxford Character Project to discuss the research findings, conclusions and challenges for UK business leaders.

Catch up with the webinar recording now

Please note that participants' views do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute of Business Ethics