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Improving Mental Health

Read our latest guest blog by Lord Stevenson of Coddenham.


#PandemicAndBeyond - 20:20 Hindsight

In the first blog of the series, Pandemic and Beyond: the ethical issues, Mark Chambers, IBE’s Associate Director (Governance), introduces the series and reflects on the year so far.


Why having a supportive ethical culture matters to employee wellbeing

We’ve just celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week and with estimates suggesting that nearly 13% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health issues, more organisations are becoming aware of the need to support psychological as well as physical safety.

Publication type: Business ethics briefing

Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Ethics Function

How to support employees in living up to the organisation’s ethical values in their day-to-day business activity remains the key challenge for business. An ethics function holds a vital role in making sure that ethics is part of all business operations and that the core values are embedded and reflected in the organisation’s culture.

Publication type: Business ethics briefing

Collaboration Between the Ethics Function and HR

When embedding ethical values into organisational culture, the roles of the company Ethics and HR functions can frequently overlap. It is important therefore that they work together effectively to ensure this happens.