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The IBE works at an international level, both with our multinational subscribers and in close affiliation with other business ethics organisations overseas.

IBE in New Zealand

Over the past 6 years the IBE has been addressing the demand in New Zealand for business ethics training and advice through Jane Arnott, IBE’s first offshore representative and IBE Associate.

In New Zealand, the IBE works to share its wealth of practical experience in the field of business ethics and offers advice on a wide range of issues.

To contact Jane and find out more:
Email: info@ibe.org.uk
Tel: +64 7 378 0210 +64 274 715 785

Becoming a New Zealand Subscriber

New Zealand Subscribers to the IBE become part of a global network sharing ideas and best practice in business ethics. Subscribers receive weekly ethics news updates; a free copy of each new IBE publication and discounted rates for advice and ethics training - see our Advice page for more information

Subscription Rates for New Zealand

Prices are based on Type of Organisation/No. of Employees
Large Organisation (2000+) : NZD $7,500
Medium Organisation (200-2000) : NZD $3,500
Small Organisation (up to 200) : NZD $2,000
Not for Profit / Charity : NZD $2,000

Corporate/Organisational Subscribers from New Zealand should ensure that they request an invoice rather than paying online in order for the correct rates to be applied.
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Current Subscribers in New Zealand

Accident Compensation Corporation
ASB Bank Ltd
Institute of Directors

Fuji Xerox New Zealand
Kensington Swan

Report It Now Ltd

Events in New Zealand

Details of events in New Zealand will appear here


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