Masterclass: Speaking Up: Building The Reporter Experience Into Speak Up Arrangements

Staff willingness to speak up and bring ideas for innovation or raise concerns of misconduct in the workplace is a key facet of an open ethical culture in any organisation. But how easy is this in practice? Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of a reporter, and viewed it from their perspective?

During this half-day online workshop participants will be walked through the Speak Up journey from the perspective of the user (as established in the IBE Speak Up Toolkit – our practical solution for developing a strong speak up culture).

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

•    Explain why speaking up is important and how it can benefit an organisation
•    Identify good practices in encouraging employees to raise their concerns about misconduct
•    Build trust and confidence in your organisation's Speak Up arrangements
•    Apply the 'speak up, listen up, follow up' model in practice

Next Course Date TBC