Strategy 2021-2025

IBE Purpose

To champion the highest standards of ethical behaviour in business.

We do this by:

  • Advocating the importance of ethical behaviour in business based on ethical values

  • Advising and educating businesses and business leaders on how to behave ethically and how to ensure their people behave ethically

  • Undertaking research and thought leadership in support of the application of ethical values at all levels of organisations.

Our goals

  • To increase our influence and raise our profile with business and business influencers
  • Be recognized as the authority on business ethics and the ’go to’ organisation for information and advice in the field
  • To grow our supporter base* 
  • To increase our income from advisory work and corporate training* 
  • To achieve annual surpluses of at least 5% of turnover in order to build sustainable reserves and invest in delivery of better services
  • To develop a strategy to extend our international reach

* The board will set specific targets for growth each year

We support these three objectives through:

  • Our goal is to increase income and achieve annual surpluses of at least 5% of turnover in order to build sustainable reserves and invest in delivery of better services
  • We will look to increase our supporter base through targeted recruitment campaigns. Annual recruitment targets will be agreed with the board of trustees
  • Annual fees will be kept under review annually 
  • Other potential sources of funding will also be kept under review
  • Our people are our greatest asset – and 70% of our costs
  • We should recruit the best talent available, provide appropriate reward, training and development and progression where possible
  • To achieve our target income from advisory work and corporate training we will need to expand our resources in a flexible way, meaning the recruitment of a network of ‘associates’ who will be paid on a contract basis.
  • Technology will increasingly be the main way we deliver our product; our knowledge will be delivered via our website, apps and social media; events and training will be delivered via webinars and online learning systems
  • Investment in technology will also be necessary for the effective management of services and our supporter-base
  • Priorities will include:
    • Fully implementing the new website and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system including access to supporter-only content
    • Reviewing our IT support providers
    • Implementation of Office 365
    • Replacing old servers with cloud-based storage

How will we measure success?

Key performance indicators will be based on:

  • Regular supporter satisfaction survey
  • Stakeholder benchmark survey
  • Supporter retention and recruitment rates
  • Range of media and social media statistics
  • Achieving our financial targets