Purpose: Authentic discourse or PR speak?

29 Apr 2021 | 12:00 – 13:00 | Online

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This past year has shown the critical importance of clear, meaningful corporate communications and their centrality to ethics programmes. How can we ensure that communications - across all audiences - reflect authentically the values and purpose of a business? 

Join our discussion with John O’Brien MBE and David Gallagher, authors of Truth Be Told: How Authentic Marketing and Communications Wins in the Purposeful Age.

“Purpose has become a leadership and managerial imperative for business large and small, non-profit organizations and charities. However, many businesses don't know how to execute this, and the marketing and PR function of many companies struggle disproportionately as a result. This had led to an increase in cynicism and the growth of 'purpose washing'.

However, when the purpose is created with authentic culture, the opportunity for building brand reputation and positive customer engagement is significant. Truth Be Told will help our audience understand exactly how to achieve this and present the core truths of their company or organisation, to drive clear, authentic purpose powered communication.”

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