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For this session we would like to introduce you to our new Director, and Chair of this group, Ian Peters. This meeting will be a chance for the new Chair and ProfBEN members to get to know each other better, and for you to put forward any suggestions you may have for this network moving forward. 

We would also be interested in hearing your experiences of the impact that COVID-19 and associated restrictions has had on the professions, and any steps you have taken as a response to this new way of working.


Informal Agenda

Informal Agenda - ProfBEN meeting 20200924.pdf


Secretary and Chair

Linn Byberg

Engagement Officer,Institute of Business Ethics

Dr Ian Peters MBE

Director,Institute of Business Ethics


What are Professional Bodies' Business Ethics Network (ProfBEN) meetings?

What are ProfBEN Meetings?

ProfBEN meetings provide a confidential forum for the sharing of both good practice and any challenges faced in encouraging professional ethics.

Who are ProfBEN Meetings for?

These meetings are open to supporters from professional and trade bodies (organisations with members) only.

Why attend a ProfBEN Meeting?

It is a unique opportunity to discuss with your peers the challenges, issues and successes of embedding ethical values within your profession.


Event Guide

ProfBEN: How to register
These meetings are open to supporters from professional and trade bodies (organisations with members) only.

To register for the meeting network members will need to login.

If you have not activated your online profile please request to set your password - you will then receive a link to do so via email. Once you have set your password you will be able to login and register for the meeting.

If you don't have a profile but think you fit the meeting criteria please email

What happens next...

Once you have registered you will receive a link to join the event via GoToMeeting - this link shouldn't be shared further as this may stop you being able to participate when the time comes.

We look forward to you joining our online event, and we hope you stay safe and well. Please note that when attending our online training, your Health & Safety is your responsibility.

Chatham House Rule

To  encourage frank discussion amongst participants and the open sharing of ideas and experiences, all IBE events take place under the Chatham House Rule unless stated otherwise. 

This means that participants are free to use the information received but neither the identity nor affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.