Teamwork - Carillion plc

Osama AlJayousi, Carillion's Group Compliance Manager

At Carillion, our values are at the heart of everything we do. Ask anyone of our people about what is important to our business and I guarantee that our values will be high on that list. ‘We achieve together’ – is the value that I truly believe is the key to how we succeed. It has been demonstrated to me on many occasions how essential teamwork is in achieving our goals.

In my role I have responsibility for monitoring compliance with key regulations and ethical standards. My remit is multi-jurisdictional and extends to Canada and MENA. You may already be starting to get an idea of the scale of the task of conveying our priorities to all of our people across the globe. The extent of the cooperation and teamwork across our business is what makes this possible despite the challenges of geography, scale and language.

In particular I was delighted with the commitment and support shown by colleagues which helped us to achieve our Investing in Integrity (IiI) charter mark. The strength of the IiI assessment framework is that it tests an organisation’s ethical conduct against its statements of values to ensure they are properly embedded. It can identify whether or not the company is truly living up to its values, from the boardroom to the shop floor. Carillion underwent an independent assessment to see if we were living up to our commitments to operate to the highest standards of our ethical values. In June 2014, we were delighted when the Institute of Business Ethics Investing in Integrity Board awarded Carillion the IiI charter mark.

So, what does this mean?

It’s a pretty big deal! The award covers all Carillion’s businesses worldwide - in Canada, MENA and the UK. We achieved an overall score of 80% which is well above the passing mark of 70%. We are one of the largest companies to have obtained the charter mark so far- and this just wouldn’t have been possible without great teamwork.

In order to obtain our IiI accreditation, an enhanced training programme in ethics for our people was delivered through a mixture of internal ‘Team Talks’ and ‘Tool Box Talks’ to more than 30,000 people. It is the willingness of all our people to embrace our Ethics and Business Integrity policy, and work together to remain vigilant against unacceptable behaviour, which made achieving the IiI charter mark possible.

Being part of Carillion means you are part of a strong ethical culture, which is something that I am very proud of. We have high expectations of those who work with and for us. Our integrity and reputation depend on each one of us acting with honesty and making good moral judgements. Our ethical culture would have been much harder to adopt if it were not for the strong tone from the top, conveyed by all of our business leaders across the UK, Canada and MENA, as well as the willingness of every single person in the business, to do business right.

I honestly believe, Investing in Integrity has added great value to our business, embedding our values even more by encouraging us to carry out our enhanced training programme, which in-turn, has allowed us to engage more and more with our people. Having an ethical company culture is not just about policies and procedures, it is about communicating with people and working closely together to understand their day-to-day concerns. From this, we can understand what we are doing right, where we need to improve and how we continue to achieve together.

Osama Al Jayousi

Group Compliance Manager

Osama Al Jayousi is head of the Ethics and Compliance office for the Carillion plc group of companies with responsibility for monitoring compliance with key regulations and ethical standards.


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