Respect - Centrica plc

Centrica is a 21st century energy and services company and our purpose is to satisfy the changing needs of our customers. To fulfil this ambition, we must continue to evolve how we do business and build stronger relationships with our customers, people and communities based on respect.

Whether installing a smart meter in a customer’s home or resolving a customer’s complaint over the phone, each interaction provides us with an opportunity to show our customers the respect they deserve by delivering an excellent service. We are working hard to improve our customer service. In 2015, we invested over £24 million in training our British Gas engineers and will spend a further £50 million between 2015 and 2017 to enhance skills and systems across our call centres for residential customers.

We also want to give our customers greater control and understanding over their energy. As a result, we created two new global businesses, Connected Home and Distributed Energy and Power, bringing innovative products and services to market such as HIVE, enabling you to control your heating from your phone that will help our customers save time, money and energy.

Being able to provide a great service and satisfy the changing needs of our customers is inextricably linked to creating a great place to work where our people feel respected for what they do and who they are. That is why we embrace diversity in all its forms because it empowers our people to feel motivated and able to achieve their full potential. It also ensures we can attract and retain talent that delivers for our customers. To achieve this, we have industry-leading approaches to flexible working that helps parents and carers balance work with family commitments and we are one of few large companies to offer leave for carers in addition to annual leave. Furthermore, we have a range of employee networks such as the Women’s Network and Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual & Transgender (LBGT) Network, which acts as a forum for engagement on how we can better support and overcome challenges.

We also respect the communities in which we operate and strive to build relationships based on mutual benefit. We want to collaborate with others and have created Ignite, the UK’s first corporate impact investment fund focused on energy. Through Ignite, we partner with energy entrepreneurs who have innovative energy ideas to help tackle some of society’s greatest challenges, such as fuel poverty and climate change. We’re backing this up with £10m and the support of our people’s expertise. Through our British Gas Energy Trust we are also helping people who struggle to pay for energy and household bills get back on their feet and remain debt-free. Since 2014, we have invested more than £85 million in the Trust through mandatory and voluntary contributions which has helped over 173,400 people.

Given the challenges in the energy industry, we as on organisation are looking again at what our distinctive values are. These will complement the value of respect, which is ingrained the fabric of who we are.

By demonstrating respect in everything we do as part of our commitment to being a good corporate citizen, we hope our action will not only help build trust in our business and sector, but generate long term sustainable success and value in society.

Centrica plc

Centrica is an international energy and services company. 


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