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Serco – who are we?

Serco makes a difference to the lives of millions of people around the world.

Serco is a leading provider of public services. Our customers are national and local governments or others operating in the public sector. We have more than 50 years’ experience of helping them to achieve their goals.

By focusing on the needs of the people they serve, we enable our customers to deliver better outcomes. Our frontline delivery involves us in vital areas of public life, including providing safe transport, finding sustainable jobs for the long-term unemployed, helping patients recover more quickly, improving the local environment, rehabilitating offenders, protecting borders and supporting the armed forces.

Serco is a values-led company and our culture and ethos are at the heart of everything we do. Our values – Trust Care Innovation Pride – drive how we behave and the relationships we develop with our customers. We give our people responsibility, so they can put their ideas into practice and make a real difference. Our approach has made us one of the world's leading service companies and our vision is to be the world's greatest.

Our values – Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride

Care is integral to the delivery of public services which is the core of Serco’s business offering. That is why Care is embedded as one of our four core values that sit at the heart of the organisation. Serco’s values are:

First, foremost and without exception, Serco will live by its values. Our values and the behaviours we expect are:


We work hard to earn trust and respect
We deliver on our promises; are open, straightforward and honest; do the right thing; and take personal responsibility for getting things done.


We care deeply about the services we provide, the communities we serve, and we look after each other
We work together to deliver high-quality public services, often of great importance to the nation or the communities we serve. We take care of each other, and those we serve, and we aim to make a positive difference to people’s lives.


We aspire to be better than anyone else at what we do
We continuously improve our ways of working, and try new ideas, big and small. We share our knowledge and experience and embrace change, knowing that if we don’t provide innovation and value for money to our customers, our competitors will.


We want to be proud of what we do
We know that the work we do is important, and we take pride in doing it well. We value energy and enthusiasm, skill and experience, and an ability to make hard work fun. We contribute both as individuals and as part of a team.

What does Care mean to us?

Serco’s business in the US challenged its employees to define what Care meant to them. The attached short video (3 minutes) gives some of the feedback.

What do we expect from our people in living our values?

Serco is a diverse organisation, in terms of its business, its people, where it works and the many different roles it performs each day. So that there is a common understanding of what is expected of each Serco employee and how they should behave. Serco has a set of values. One of which is the value of ‘Care’.

To hold itself and others accountable for its values it has considered what they mean for everyone in Serco. This is detailed in a short booklet ‘Living our Values – People make it happen’. This booklet outlines the expected behaviours behind each of its values, including the behaviours we expect to see and those we won’t accept in regard to our value of care.

Getting values embedded means telling stories – how can you do this for a value like Care?

It is fine putting posters up with your values on but to really engage employees in them you need to tell stories. Serco has used story telling by taking its 2015 Global Pulse winners, each of which represent living one of its values, and turned these into engaging story posters that are eye catching and succinctly convey what one of its four values mean. It then has had these converted into short animations for use on social media to engage a wider and different audience.

The attached poster shows an example of a story demonstrating Care.

The attached short animation shows how these posters have been converted into a simple animation.

Recognising employees who have shown real care

Annually Serco runs its global Pulse Awards. The Pulse Awards showcase individuals and teams who have truly lived Serco’s values - Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride - which define expected behaviours. This includes recognising people who through Serco have demonstrated exceptional care towards their colleagues, the people we serve and the communities we work in. The following two short videos showcase two examples of real care from this year’s global Pulse awards

Care in Action - Kristie Popkiss - Fiona Stanley Hospital, Australia

Kristie is a registered nurse and leads one of the most important and high risk areas in the hospital – Infection Prevention and Management. She has tirelessly dedicated herself to work that affects every patient and employee at the hospital, protecting and saving lives every day. Dealing calmly and professionally with some of our most difficult situations, both Serco and the Health Department consider Kristie to be a beacon of excellence. Everything she has achieved has been done with care and a passion for saving lives.

Watch the attached short video and hear Kristie tell her story.

Care in Action – Domestic Violence Policy

Serco ASPAC has recently launched a domestic violence leave policy. Supporting people who experience domestic violence is part of a broader commitment to our values – particularly Care.

Read the attached short article to find out more.

Care in Action – Christmas Island Catering Team, Australia

Read about how the Christmas Island Catering Team brought to life Serco’s value of Care.

Care in Action – What would you do if a colleague didn’t show up for work?

Find out what Emmie Chilcott, a Helpdesk Supervisor at Derriford Hospital, UK did when a colleague didn’t show up for work as expected. Read the attached short article to find out.

Care in Action – Supporting students find their university place

Once students have their results they want to know where they are going. The Serco team manning the UCAS critical contact centre were on hand to show they cared. Read the attached short article to find out more.

Care in Action – Lifeguards save woman’s life in Jersey

Why did the Jersey Fire & Rescue and the Coastguard congratulate two Serco lifeguards? To find out read the attached short article to see how they demonstrated care in saving a woman’s life.

Care in Action – Going above and beyond

If you were confronted with a stranger in distress would you get involved or walk by? Read about what Ashley Hopkiss and Kyle Moore did when they found themselves in such a situation.

Care in Action – Serco Foundation

The Serco Foundation was established in December 2012 to work with charities and NGOs within the regions where Serco operates, to capitalise on the passion of our people to do good and to make donations that will significantly benefit the campaigns of the charities it chooses to work with. In 2015 it worked with a global charity to improve the immunisation of children in India. Read the attached short article to find out more.

Colleagues across Serco celebrate ‘Care’ in support of the IBE’s 30th Anniversary

Last Thursday, 17 November, colleagues across Serco participated in a Yammer campaign to celebrate our value of Care, and to showcase the many examples of how #wecare wherever we work in Serco. Read the attached short article to read some of the posts.

Serco Group plc

Serco makes a difference to the lives of millions of people around the world.


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