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Rio Tinto adopts Day 23 of 30 days of Ethics

However much we would love it and however many rules, policies, standards we put in place we cannot make people compliant. That decision will depend on the individual, at the specific time, in the specific circumstances. They must be and remain accountable for their decisions. Our role is to help guide those decisions and help them make the right choice.

The first video was created to support the re-launch of Rio Tinto’s code of conduct, The Way We Work. The code sets the basic expectations for all employees and contractors. The reworking of the code was to update its content but to also enhance readability and reconnect it to those working for and working with Rio Tinto. The presenter was Sam Walsh, our then CEO, as we wanted a clear tone from the top. The background graphics show the journey our products go on from mine to market and provides a link to expectations set by the code and where an employee’s role may be in that journey. The aim was to show how The Way We Work applied across all activities throughout the journey. To further enhance the message we used different voiceovers to cover the different sections but also to represent the diversity of our employee base and at least some of the locations where we operate. The voiceovers were all employees and the effect helped to further engage the watcher. The video was purposely kept short to fit within a typical watcher’s attention span. The end message ‘Be proud of the choices you make’ is a recurrent theme across a lot of our materials and emphasises that although we set clear expectations and have clear policies and standards, accountability ultimately comes down to the individual.

The second video is far simpler. It is a short visual guide to show some basic tests that an individual can apply to come to a good decision. I have used the video during face to face training but also as an independent post on social media. It was actually free to create. Again it takes the accountability message down to the individual and again is a short and fairly engaging piece.

Hugh Bigwood

Head of Ethics and Integrity
Hugh Bigwood is the Head of Ethics and Integrity for the Rio Tinto Group based in London.  


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