Code of ethics benchmarking

Advisory services
30 September 2019

Tags: Code of Ethics

Our code review process provides a comprehensive review of your code of ethics, commenting on any omissions, based on current international good practice.

The results are summarised in a written report, which draws on the IBE’s experience of the way that other companies write, develop and manage codes of ethics (or equivalent documents) and how they then communicate and embed them. 

This exercise can be complemented by a benchmarking between your code and the equivalent documents of other organisations (usually between 5 and 20) chosen by you. These may be your clients and competitors or organisations with a particularly advanced ethics programme.

The content of the review is tailored depending on your needs, the maturity of your ethics programme and the main issues which you need to address. Some of the most common elements that are analysed in this process include: how to structure the code, the importance of the tone from the top and how this should be embedded in the code, what kind of support can be provided to individual decision-making, and the language and tone of the code. 

The report will include a summary of practical recommendations from the IBE to improve the effectiveness of your code and some practical examples of good practice to illustrate them.