Corporate Ethics in a Digital Age



Growing reliance on data and the integration of AI into business activity has thrown up some large challenges for governance. Boards not only have to manage a new set of risks and opportunities - they do so in a world that is rapidly changing in ways that make it harder for them to exercise control.

This Board Briefing presents nine challenges around the use of AI, offering practical thoughts about how they can be addressed, and looks at the expertise that is required in the boardroom. These challenges are less about the technology itself than how it is applied, requiring a philosophical and ethical approach to resolving the dilemmas that AI provokes. The decisions that boards must take will fit naturally, therefore, into their general view of risk appetite, risk management and oversight.

The requirement to manage the consequences of AI is a major challenge that boards must pluck up the courage to address, even though they may still be at the learning stage. The principal aim of this Board Briefing is to encourage boards to put tihs issue firmly on their agenda.