Scenarios are stories  and as stories they can engage and inspire people

Business ethics teaching and training can include material which may seem distant to staff and or students. Scenarios are an effective mechanism because they link learning to real life and the experiences of the participants. This connection is the key to creating the motivation to learn and embed the message of the training.

Using scenarios in training can bring a code of ethics to life by:

  • Providing an interactive form of communication around ethical values and commitments
  • Providing an opportunity to share views and debate and discuss ethical issues
  • Giving participants the freedom to talk through any problems and dilemmas they may face
  • Encouraging employees to ‘speak up’ when they witness misconduct or identify ethical dilemmas and refer to other resources for help and advice
  • Making the connection from corporate level responsibility for ethical standards to individual responsibility for behaviour
Below is a selection of scenarios developed for teaching purposes with acknowledgement of the IBE.

Some sample scenarios

An offer you can’t refuse? addresses issues of industrial espionage, unfair competition, and duty of confidentiality
The honesty challenge addresses issues of leadership, integrity and organisational values
In the news addresses issues of whistle blowing or ‘speaking up’ about employment practices
'Justice with Michael Sandel' In this 12-part series, Harvard Professor Michael Sandel challenges us with hard moral dilemmas and invites us to ponder the right thing to do in politics and in our everyday lives.
You may also be interested in the IBE Good Practice Guide Developing and Using Business Ethics Scenarios which contains over 15 scenarios.
The IBE can also help develop scenarios tailored to your organisation or on a particular issue or for a specific employees group or function.

The IBE’s e-learning tool uses scenarios.


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