Masterclass: Ethical Leadership

Tone from the top is a proven driver of culture – for good or for bad. However, whilst what managers say is important, their words don’t count for anything if they are not backed up by actions. It is also important to remember that leadership does not happen exclusively at the most senior levels in an organisation. Every individual has the potential (and the responsibility) to demonstrate ethical leadership, regardless of their job title.

This masterclass is designed for those moving into leadership positions and for tomorrow's business leaders. It may also be of interest to those looking to refresh their thinking on ethical leadership. We will explore how to develop the right tone to engage with colleagues and lead them by example, while empowering every employee to do the right thing. Participants may also request a certificate of attendance.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

•    Understand what ethical leadership is and why it is important in an organisation
•    Identify the most important behaviours that define an ethical leader
•    Encourage colleagues at all levels in your organisation to do the right thing
•    Recognise pressures which lead to unethical behaviour.

Next course date: TBC

I think the analysis of case studies and surveys was very effective in understanding why people act in a certain way that can be unethical, particularly as it made it easier to recognise the issues in an everyday business context.


Ethical Leadership Masterclass Participant, Mar 2022, Serco Group Plc