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23 Apr 2020 | 13:00 – 14:00 | Online
Business Ethics Network (BEN) meeting

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All of us at the IBE send our best wishes at this time.

As we try our best to keep some form of usual in these unusual times, we invited members of the Business Ethics Network to participate in a special Business Ethics Network webcast – exclusively for our supporters – to continue the promotion and sharing of the latest and emerging good practices.

We are all having to adapt and innovate to address the challenges that none of us were prepared for. From our ongoing conversations, we know that experiences are ranging from ‘never been busier’ to prolonged remote and home working for most, all the way through to some members of the network who have been furloughed.

The webcast gave participants a chance to share experiences and promote examples of activities that they have found to be impactful, as well as to hear from the IBE leadership with both Philippa Foster Back, Director and Mark Chambers, Associate Director (Governance) sharing some reflections.

We were interested in exploring the impact that this is having on maintaining profile and priority for ethics in your organisation. Rather than being prescriptive, we wanted to hear from the participants the actions they were taking, but some of the issues that have occurred to us included:

  • How are you maintaining profile and priority for ethics?
  • How are you encouraging ethics in decision-making in the face of so much ambiguity?
  • What are you doing to ensure that speak up is effective?
  • How are you keeping momentum on training?


Network Chair & Secretary

What are Business Ethics Network (BEN) meetings?

What are BEN Meetings?

Our network meetings, which happen regularly thoroughout the year, are the pillars around which the community is built. These invitation-only events are usually focused on a specific topic and are led by a member or members of the network who candidly share their experience and pose probing questions for group discussion.

All network meetings are hosted and facilitated under the Chatham House Rule by the IBE.

Who are BEN Meetings for?

These meetings are both practitioner-led and practitioner-focused, with invitations only extended to those responsible for the ethics and compliance programme in their organisation (which must have more than 250 employees). Invitees are, however, free to recommend alternates / subject-matter experts from their organisation to attend either with them, or in their place. Registrations are limited to 2 participants per organisation per meeting.

Why attend a BEN Meeting?

Network meetings are a unique opportunity to join the conversation to discuss the challenges, issues and successes of embedding ethical values within your organisation, with your peers.

Event Guide

Registration Process

To book your place you will need to set up your online profile; please request to set your password - you will then receive a link to do so via email. Once you have set your password you will be able to login for the first time, set your preferences and register for the meeting.

Please note that places are limited to those within the network however, as a network member, if you are not able to attend and would like to transfer your place to another member of your team, please email events@ibe.org.uk.

Once you have registered you will receive a link to join the meeting via GoToWebinar - this link is unique to you and shouldn't be shared further as this may stop you being able to participate when the time comes.

Chatham House Rule

To encourage frank discussion amongst participants and the open sharing of ideas and experiences, all IBE events take place under the Chatham House Rule unless stated otherwise. 

This means that participants are free to use the information received but neither the identity nor affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Webinar Recording

Please note this meeting will be recorded, however, it will not be shared externally. The IBE team will use the recording to produce a meeting summary for the wider network.

If you have any questions about this please email events@ibe.org.uk