Small budget, big impact: tackling ethical challenges effectively

28 Jan 2021 | 12:00 – 13:00 | Online

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Integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility, openness – just a few of the ethical values which you may feel are integral to your business and the way that your company operates. But how can you show your commitment to your employees, clients, suppliers and partners and make sure that they share similar values, while reconciling this with a tight budget and limited resources? 

In this lunchtime webinar panellists discussed some of the most relevant ethical challenges for smaller and medium sized organisations and provided advice on how to tackle them effectively. You will hear insights from Alex Fell, Head Ethics and Compliance International at Amicus Therapeutics, Hilary Sutcliffe from SocietyInside, previously co-chair of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Values, Ethics and Innovation and Nick Bion, Managing Director of Robert Bion and Company.

The webinar was moderated by Guen Donde’, Head of Research at the IBE, who share with our audience some practical advice from the new IBE Business Ethics Toolkit, developed in collaboration with subject matter experts from a variety of industries. 

Watch the recording here...