Ethics - the missing 'E' in ESG investing?

17 Mar 2022 | 12:00 – 13:15 | Online

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Investment that takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors has grown massively. For many people, this development offers the hope of more ethical business, better suited to meeting the environmental and other challenges that our world faces. However, do professional investors think about the ethics of a company when they are deciding whether to invest in it; and, if so, how?

Annabel Gillard, who has spent over 20 years working in asset management, asked leading players in the UK investment industry how they viewed the place of business ethics and corporate culture in their ESG assessments. Could it hold the key to identifying the winners amongst the tsunami of data and reporting? Could ethical culture be a guide to performance? Annabel briefly presented her findings and then discussed their implications as part of the panel.

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