Ethics as a tool for embedding company purpose

17 Sep 2020 | 12:00 – 12:45 | Online

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For many businesses emerging from the Covid crisis, the most difficult challenges and hardest decisions may still lie ahead, but all companies are looking to find ways of normalising the positive cultural aspects seen during the response. Colleagues at all levels embraced high levels of empowerment and showed incredible innovation in tackling unprecedented obstacles. Company purpose provided a vital ‘North Star’ helping guide people through the crisis.

However, company purpose alone will not be enough to navigate the difficult times ahead. Ethical values, if they are properly embedded and resonate in the culture of the organisation are a great leveller and an effective enabler, helping ensure that a company can deliver on its purpose, justify its social license to operate, ensure that the interests and views of its stakeholders are taken into account and create relationships that are sustainable.

In this introductory webinar to the Pandemic and Beyond: the ethical issues series, the IBE’s Associate Director Mark Chambers talked about how business ethics can be a vital business tool during the recovery.

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