Carillion's downfall – what lessons can you learn? Corporate Subscribers

07 Oct 2021 | 12:00 – 13:00 | Online

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The downfall of companies like Carillion and, more recently, the havoc COVID 19 wreaked on certain industries, has shown us that no business can take its own existence for granted. What is the role of an ethics and compliance officer in firstly trying to avoid a crisis, and secondly, when a crisis hits? What is the likely impact on a compliance manager both personally and professionally?  

Sam Tate of RPC interviewed the compliance manager that was in post at the time that Carillion went under, who answered questions on how it affected him personally, how he dealt with life in the firing line, his reflections, lesson's learned from the experience and how he used the experience to build back better! 

How would you deal with a similar situation? 

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