Business Ethics Network (BEN) Meeting - Managing ethics across different cultures Corporate Subscribers

23 May 2022 | 13:00 – 16:45 | London
Business Ethics Network (BEN) meeting

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This BEN meeting discussed how organisations deal with managing ethics in different countries and situations for example in mergers and acquisitions, across countries and those working in the office vs in the field.

How do you manage cultures when different sub cultures exist as well?

We ran this meeting face-to-face due to demand, taking place at 24 Greencoat Place, London.

Speakers: Philip Bastos Martin, Head of Compliance & Ethics, EMEA at Eisai Europe Ltd; Marek Podsiadly,  Risk, Information & Controls Partner at Southern Water Services Ltd and Steven Pegg, Senior Ethics Officer International at Lockheed Martin.

Network Moderator & Chair

What are Business Ethics Network (BEN) meetings?

What are BEN Meetings?

Our network meetings, which happen regularly throughout the year, are the pillars around which the community is built. These invitation-only events are usually focused on a specific topic and are led by a member or members of the network who candidly share their experience and pose probing questions for group discussion.

All network meetings are hosted and facilitated under the Chatham House Rule by the IBE.

Who are BEN Meetings for?

These meetings are both practitioner-led and practitioner-focused, with invitations only extended to those responsible for the ethics and compliance programme in their organisation (which must have more than 250 employees). Invitees are, however, free to recommend alternates / subject-matter experts from their organisation to attend either with them, or in their place. Registrations are limited to 2 participants per organisation per meeting.

Why attend a BEN Meeting?

Network meetings are a unique opportunity to join the conversation to discuss the challenges, issues and successes of embedding ethical values within your organisation, with your peers.