2020 Trends: present challenges and future opportunities for Ethics & Compliance practitioners

01 Apr 2020 | 12:15 – 13:00 | Online

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How do organisations make sure that employees share their core values and feel empowered to do the right thing? How can E&C practitioners make sure that ethics becomes an integral part of doing business?

With this webinar we launched Embedding Business Ethics: 2020 report on corporate ethics policies and programmes. The ninth in this triennial series, the IBE’s longest-running, it provides valuable insights into how companies run their ethics programmes. 

Engagement at board level and ethical leadership, use of big data and the ethics of artificial intelligence, and communicating the ethics message effectively and consistently are just a few of the challenges that E&C practitioners are facing. We will look at what 25 years of data can suggest to help E&C practitioners address those challenges and turn them into opportunities.

During this webinar Guen Dondé, IBE Head of Research and author of the report, discussed some of the most interesting findings with IBE Researcher Will O’Connor and IBE Research Director Simon Webley. 

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