Ethics at Work - Staff Survey

Do you really know what your employees think about the ethics and culture of your organisation?

The IBE's Staff Survey - Ethics at Work can help.
Our independent survey lets your staff tell you what they really think, and gives organisations the opportunity to benchmark employee experiences and perceptions against the IBE's triennial Ethics at Work survey data.
How does the Ethics at Work survey work?
Using the questionnaire from the IBE's triennial Ethics at Work survey, data collected will be benchmarked against the IBE's own research data. A report of findings is provided to help identify areas of good practice as well as potential areas of concern, and includes recommendations from the IBE.
A small number of bespoke questions can be added to the questionnaire to give additional data in support the organisation's own ethics initiatives.
How much does it cost?
The Basic survey product, which provides an overall snapshot across the entire business costs £6,250 (+ VAT).
The Premium Product enables organisations to drill down into the differences that may exist across their employee footprint by adding a number of filters to the reporting. The Premium Product costs £9,250 (+ VAT).
For more information, please contact info@ibe.org.uk or give us on +44 (0) 20 7798 6040. 

IBE Products

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Ethics at Work Staff Survey

The Ethics at Work Staff Survey offers organisations the opportunity to take the temperature of their current ethical culture by testing the attitudes and perceptions of employees. Using the questionnaire from the IBE's Ethics at Work research, corporate responses can be benchmarked against the IBE's national level data. The data is accompanied with a report highlight areas of concern and providing recommendations from the IBE.

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